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::Starting Point::


By some odd twist of fate you have found your way to my profile page. Perhaps you saw me once post on a community and were so stricken by the terrible grammar and the frequent typos that you felt driven to study this odd creature further, or perhaps once upon a time you read some rather terrible fanfiction that can be connected to my name. Whatever the source or the cause, you have found me, and you have several options you may contemplate. Firstly, you could simply walk away now and we'll pretend this never happened. You'll go on unsullied, unbothered and free and pure as you arrived. Secondly, you could skulk around my journal and then turn and go, after having wondered why you wasted so much time doing nothing of value. Or thirdly, you could add me as a friend and within a span of time you will find yourself friended in return.

Whether or not you actually wish to embark on that third option remains to be seen. This profile is little more than a bump in the whole of your youthful bloom. You could keep reading, find it's little more than pasted quizzes that at some point contradict each other. My journal isn't very interesting, but on the other hand, all the interesting juicy bits could be hid snuggly behind that clever little Friends Only option. So, either you'll return to our first option and this never happened. You'll resort to the second option and curse me for the rest of your days for the time you wasted, or you'll take that third option and we will see how our newfound friendship and alliance benefits. Or perhaps it won't and once again this will be a merry old waste of time spent on the fickle interwebs.

As you'll learn, I make icons. Not necessary good ones, but typically bases and acceptable role playing game icons. This typically means I try to keep the image as clean as unchanged as necessary, and I do take requests. All I ask is due credit is given, and if I find any of my icons have have been taken without crediting or, le gasp, stolen, I tell you now if I catch you, I will make a full complaint and be righteously pissed. Hell hath no fury. You will also find, that I role play and on rare occasions write fanfiction. Personally I believe the latter is the less impressive of the two, and you'd likely agree if you ever read my fanfiction. I don't recommend it, honestly. As for the role playing, I've been on various privater websites and yahoo groups, but am currently a player over at [info]the_blank_slate and have been for over a year. My personal list of characters changes, but I prefer more independent canons such as small films and stage-plays and thus my characters follow along with that. Nothing particularly impressive, but a hobby I enjoy excessively.

So. You know all this now, and it still comes down to the three options. If I really had to recommend however, I'd say that three isn't actually a terrible decision to make.
The Extra Baggage
Here are my headvoices. This list changes from time to time and they are not always being controled, but they are mine and I don't deny any of them. Except when I do.

[[Characters @ [info]the_blank_slate]]

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Betsy is a rather confused young woman from Detroit who really has little to say and little to listen to. Really, you can likely hear the rocks and cheap porn rolling around inside her skull.On the other hand, she does like potatoes and thinks that Tim Roth should be dubbed a legal Sex God. That is just her opinion.
Strengths: Will likely give you anything you desire, including absolute bluntness, even if it's undesired at the time and makes little sense. It's just how she rolls.
Weaknesses: See Strengths.
Special Skills: Can list 150 euphanisms for the male penis in less than two minutes.
Weapons: Sharp finger nails and an angry badger.
Warning: If subjected to long exposure, wash skin with a warm damp cloth and do not induce vomiting without medical consultation.</span>

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